Lisa’s passion is inspired by mission and purpose, both for herself and others.  She is particularly moved to bring people together to create something that is greater then what they could do alone. Whether by delivering a charitable team-building event, fundraising for a non-profit or bringing awareness to a cause, she is motivated with the intention to make the biggest difference to the individual and the community.

The realization of her life purpose did not come right away but as her career and life unfolded.  Following her graduation from the University of Washington and early in her career, she was motivated by the typical American dream of “getting somewhere” and then someday “having it all”.  She was taught that if she worked really hard, eventually she would have the peace, success and joy she desired.  Although following her dream of acting and working in TV production, she wasn’t finding the peace and satisfaction she had anticipated and was physically and mentally exhausted. 

In 2005 she began taking courses at a personal development and leadership company.  This training allowed her to view those aspects of life that she had been taught to avoid.  She learned that by turning and facing challenging thoughts and feelings instead of running away from them, there was an immense opportunity to learn and grow.  This gave access to an entirely new way to deal with life, to be able to learn, heal and grow from the very challenges we are given in life.

It was through these courses that she began to hone her speaking and leadership skills and uncover her desire of making a difference to people. With this passion, Lisa went on to lead over 150 team-building events to over 2500 people in a variety of industries around the country.  Soon following she founded her own charitable team building company, Team Come True.  In her programs, she incorporates aspects from acting, improv and movement to help people connect better with themselves, each other and to the big picture as a whole.