Through our work with leaders across organizations, we have observed one quality that distinguishes the greatest among them: an appetite for growth. What sets great leaders apart is their uncanny ability to see in every situation an opportunity to grow themselves and their organizations.


e saw this quality in great leaders across time and history, from Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, to CEOs of large corporations today. Through our work in developing leaders, we have seen in them an unflinching desire to always take their leadership skills to a next level, leading teams more effectively, facing tougher challenges in an increasinglypurposeful manner, and growing in their ability to inspire others in a meaningful way.

We support leaders and teams in their growth in several different ways:

  • A Course curriculum that covers Growth Leadership Foundations, as well as coaching through the use of practical applications and day-to-day challenges.
  •  An Organizational Culture Change Program that helps leaders create a Growth Culture in their organizations and teams, where every moment is approached as an opportunity for presence, learning, contribution and excellence.
  • Networking and connection with like-minded leaders through Virtual Connect meetings in which we discuss practical challenges leaders face and how we can transform them into opportunities for growth.

Based on our experience, we developed a methodology that helped address key challenges of leadership:

  • Growing ourselves continuously,  no matter the challenge we face
  • Growing with Others, transforming every interaction into an opportunity for Growth
  • Growing Others – finding ways to formally and informally coach others one-to-one and one-to-many to adopt a Growth Leadership mindset.