Employees are passionate about the work that they do. Customers are treated with genuine care. Ideas materialize into results with ease. And no matter what one’s role or position, all team members feel a  sense of purpose in that they are contributing in meaningful ways to the whole. Integrity, responsibility, growth and excellence – more than just words, these are values being lived every day in extraordinary organizations. We have spent the last 20 years working with such companies and teams, and in this time, we have discovered that organizations become extraordinary by creating and cultivating a Growth Culture in which leaders and their teams are equally interested in contributing results and in seeing their work as a place of discovery and a training ground for self-mastery.

A Growth Culture is one where each interaction and every moment is seen as an opportunity for

presence, learning, contribution and excellence

In organizations with a Growth Culture, learning is a priority for everyone every day. Learning is at the heart of every meeting, every collaboration, and every project. The Growth Leaders Network works with teams and organizations to create a Growth Culture.

Teams Thrive in A Growth Culture

How do the world’s greatest managers find, focus and retain exceptional employees?

A recent Gallup study of 400 companies and 8,000 managers asked how the world’s greatest managers find, focus and retain employees. Six of the study’s twelve findings related to growth:

  1. Having the opportunity to do my best work every day
  2. Receiving praise or recognition for having done good work in the last 7 days
  3. Feeling my supervisor/someone at work cares about me as a person
  4. Believing that someone at work cares about my development
  5. Talking to someone about my progress in last 6 months
  6. Having opportunities to learn and grow in the last year

Cultivating a Growth Culture builds trust, encourages curiosity and enables innovation. It creates an environment in which people communicate clearly, honestly and with respect. A Growth Culture yields engagement, retention and high performance.