GLN is founded on a set of basic principles that we use to guide our self-reflection, our interaction with others and our actions in the broader world. As our community grows, our guiding principles will grow and evolve as well.


We are dedicated to our own Growth

using each day to learn more about who we really are and express that in our world


We choose to see

  • Leadership and life as an adventure of self-discovery, growth and life mastery
  • Everyone as unlimited potential (and we choose to apply ours the best we know how)
  • Every so-called “problem” as an opportunity for learning, contribution and growth

We aspire

to learn and role model our purpose and principles daily


We honor every person's responsibility for their own Growth Journey

Respecting where each person is now and allowing them to be without judgment, we will help anyone only when explicitly asked


When we commit, we commit fully

We renegotiate our commitment if and when needed;


We are

honest and respectful