“It is my aspiration to help people grow the best I know how, and learn every moment and every day to be and express the best of who I am.”

For as long as I can remember I have been curious about what this life is about. As toddlers often do, I incessantly asked “what is that?” and I have continued to do so since. My ongoing inquiry has become my work: helping people individually and collectively to discover what is possible in life and express that authentically and fearlessly, co-creating extraordinary results.

Growing up on a farm in the North of the Netherlands, I was deeply interested in music and ancient wisdom. As a teenager, I played French horn in the Dutch Youth Wind Orchestra and conjugated ancient Greek verbs as a favorite past-time. From there, the adventure led to Nijenrode University, where I earned a Bachelor’s in Business degree. My greatest learning there, in retrospect, was about building friendships, some of which continue today. Upon graduating from college, I went to study international relations and economics at Johns Hopkins University, in Bologna, Italy and Washington, DC. There I earned a Masters of Arts degree and learned about the interconnectedness between politics, economics and life mastery and fulfillment.

Upon graduation from Johns Hopkins, my fierce ambition led me to pursue a career strategy consulting in New York City, where I thrived for many years. First I worked at Towers Perrin, then at Strategic Decisions Group, where I became one of the youngest partners elected, doing strategy development for a wide range of industries, including financial services, manufacturing, consumer electronics and life sciences companies.

A major shift occurred during this critical phase of my life. I had become the typical, hard-charging, 16-hours-a-day strategy consultant, and was burning out at a rapid clip. I sometimes didn’t sleep for an entire week, simply because I was too revved up. When I discovered meditation, everything changed. After one hour of meditation I could sleep again and I rediscovered a peaceful, creative and loving dimension of myself that I had ignored for much of my life. I was so taken by my new discovery that I chose to bring to business what I was learning: that there is a way we can have it all – we can be fulfilled, do work we love, and create extraordinary results with others. I think of it as creating a sense of ease in business.

To become skillful in doing so, I completed numerous coaching and facilitation development programs, one with New Field Network, and many with Axialent, where I worked with and learned culture, coaching and team development from Fred Kofman, author of Conscious Business, and many other talented colleagues.

After a few years, I founded Co-Creation Partners together with four amazing leaders in the field of transformation and personal development. With them, I learned how organizational systems transform alongside individuals and teams. Then, at the beginning of 2014, I sensed it was time to bring into the world a new way to help leaders grow, and Constancee was born.

Constancee was formed to help people grow by creating the conditions where deep personal, interpersonal and organizational shifts happen routinely. We serve Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller startups and non-profits. Regardless of size, I have seen the most exceptional results with organizations and individuals who have a genuine commitment to learning.

In addition to working with organizations, I lead the Growth Leaders Network, a community of leaders committed to self-growth and selfless service. I also teach the Leader as Coach programs atColumbia Business School Executive Education and collaborate with Tuck Professor and Harvard Fellow Vijay Govindarajan in further developing the connection between organizational innovation and personal transformation. Our first joint-articles were published by Harvard Business Review in 2016. My first book “Taming Your Crocodiles: Unlearn Fear and Become A True Leader,” has been published by Dover Publications in 2018.
Besides helping others grow, I am sing kirtan (East Indian meditative practice) , love to dance, hike and write, am an avid reader, in particular of biographies, and am always in the process of growing myself. I integrate all of what I learn in my work with executives.

My mission is to realize my essence and help others do the same. The 2018 release of my first book, Taming Your Crocodiles: Unlearn Fear and Become a True Leader (Dover Publications), continues my work to approach every moment as the next step in our endless journey to become more of who we truly are.

Besides helping others grow, I sing kirtan (East Indian meditative practice); I love to dance, hike, and write; am an avid reader, in particular of biographies; and am always in the process of growing myself. I integrate all of what I learn in my work with executives.