“Growth for me has always been a deeply personal and intimate experience that helps define who I am and choose to be. It touches the depth of my being and life values.”

For Gene, growth has always been a deeply personal and intimate experience that helps her define who she is and chooses to be. It touches the depth of her being and life values.

Gene’s father was a teacher, and her mother was a nurse. When her father was going to college to become a teacher, they lived near the campus where the students became her playmates. In this environment, she experienced a wide range of life experiences that brought her joy and sorrow, success and failure, disappointment and achievement, love and loss — all graced by growth that helped her learn and move ahead in life.

On her life’s journey, Gene works to advance school-based child nutrition programs through involvement with governments, humanitarian organizations, industries and schools in a variety of domestic and international settings. Her deepest passion is helping children become educated and healthy citizens who will help build a more peaceful and stable world.

Looking back over a work span of almost 40 years, Gene has never found a challenge that didn’t provide her a growth opportunity. She believes growth comes in many ways and at different times but the opportunity is there for our choosing. Growth means saying “yes” to life. She treats it like the guest waiting to be invited.

Gene has found that many challenges relate to relationships with and among people, in the complex environments in which we work and live. In both scenarios, human relationships often become complex and strained and can result in loss and lack of trust. Because Gene looks for the lessons in every interaction, it helps her prevent the human disappointments. She puts aside ego and materialism, and she fills the space with compassion, respect and care for all humanity.