“It is my profound belief that the GLN will resonate with individuals and organizations of every walk and from every corner of the planet because not a single person of the tens of thousands I’ve met during my journey doesn’t want to grow personally and cultivate a more beautiful world.”

Gary Keil received his pharmacy degree from the University of Wyoming and his PhD in neuropharmacology at Oregon State University.  After a post-doctoral fellowship in electrophysiology at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada, Gary began a 15+ year career in pain research and pain management, pharmacology, individual and leadership development, and preventive health and wellness.  During his tenure in the pharmaceutical industry he led a number of global R&D strategy initiatives including industry analyses, mergers and acquisitions, pipeline and portfolio evaluations; helped coordinate the “Global Candidate Drug Leaders Network” (>80 project leaders overseeing ~ 150 research projects); served as an Executive Recruitment Partner; and performed future-based scenario planning, war gaming, and other activities while servings as a strategic intelligence and competitive intelligence analyst.

With a passion for fusing science and teaching, Gary devotes his life to offering world-class preventive health and resiliency training, positive psychology coaching and medication therapy management (with a primary focus on chronic pain) across the globe.  He is a 20+ year facilitator and national co-director of programs for the non-profit Pharmacy Leadership and Education Institute (PLEI).   Gary has been an active member of the Board of Directors for PLEI for more than 10 years, is on the Board of Directors for The Gratitude Parade, and is an Ambassador for the Scare Your Soul Challenge.  He is an accomplished public/motivational speaker and experiential development guide.